What to see in Sanremo

What to see in Sanremo

What to see in Sanremo written with love by Cecilia

Sanremo, or Sanreummo in Ligurian dialect, is a town in the province of Imperia known for its importance in the field of luxury, gambling, and music.
Sanremo is not only a tourist resort or a destination for casino enthusiasts, but it hosts various central events: the arrival of the Milan-Sanremo bicycle race, Italian Song Festival, car rallies, and the Tenco Prize.


In ancient times the city was known as Civitas Matuciana but with the arrival of the Middle Ages and the death of San Romolo (Genoese bishop who spent a lot of time in the woods of Sanremo) the citizens decided to dedicate him the name of the city: civitas sancti Romuli.

The passage from San Romolo to San Remo does not have a unique theory. Perhaps the change from Romulus to Remus happened in the Middle Ages after the death of the saint.  In fact, people used to visit the tombs called Sanctum Heremum, and with the passage of time and the various changes in the language would have brought Santo Eremo and then San Remo.

Finally, the second theory argues that the change from Romulus to Remus happened because of the Ligurian language and its cadences, especially for the letter “o” that would be transformed into “ö”. This thesis would be confirmed in the archives from 300 to 600.


The city of Sanremo hots testimonies of Baroque, Art Nouveau, Romanesque and Neoclassical architecture. In fact, you can organize your visit on various themes:

Religious: the sanctuary of the Madonna of the Coast, church of Cristo Salvatore, the hermitage of San Michele;
Civil: palace Borea d’Olmo, palace Bellevue, Villa Luca, Ariston’s theatre;
Military: tower of the weapon, fort of Santa Tecla, tower of the Ciapela;
Archaeological: Villa Matutia, Villa Romana di Busana;

what to see in sanremo
Sanremo also offers the possibility to relax on the beach and enjoy nightly entertainment.

These are the most lively areas at night

Bresca Square: many restaurants and pubs;
Waterfront:  much quieter than the center;
In summer you can decide to move to the area of La Pigna for Jazz and Rock festivals;
Porto Sole: hosts popular clubs like “Pico de Gallo” and “Victory Morgana”;
Royal Hotel:  for more elegant entertainment
Casino: the structure will leave you speechless already looking at it from the outside, and inside you can decide to try your luck


You can taste the sardenaira (=a traditional focaccia topped with olives, anchovies, capers and olives), the torta de ciavai (=a cake with curaçao, zabaglione base, and whipped cream), the baci di Sanremo (=two hazelnut cookies joined by a chocolate mousse) and many other delicacies.

what to see in sanremoMy favorite restaurants are  “Tipico”, trattoria “Da Tino” and the osteria “La ciotola”.

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