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Typical Pasta from Puglia: my top picks are orecchiette, troccoli and cavatelli

Typical Pasta from Puglia, written with love by Antonella

There are over 300 varieties of Pasta in Italy, each region has its specialties and within that region, there are small variations by province. We take pasta seriously here and every grandma seems to have its secret recipe!

I will take you to Puglia, the heel of the Italian boot and my homeland.

Puglia is a  land of mesmerizing views, ancient culture and history, and, of course, delicious food. In this blog, I am going to present to you 3 of the most popular and iconic types of Apulian pasta.

I am a student and I live far away from their own hometown. Therefore I have learned to appreciate the simplest things of my beloved region. One of the things I miss the most is definitely my grandma’s cooking, especially her traditional homemade pasta.


Orecchiette the most popular pasta in Puglia

This kind of pasta is definitely the most representative of Puglia: the name “orecchietta” comes from their shape, which resembles a small ear. The dough is rolled, cut into cubes, and then pressed and dragged with a knife, to create its characteristic shape.

In the northern part of Puglia, they eat orecchiette with turnip tops, extra-virgin Apulian olive oil, and chili pepper (therefore they are vegetarian and vegan friendly!). In the southern part, instead, we season them with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese.

typical pasta in Puglia

Troccoli: almost like Spaghetti

This type of pasta is similar to spaghetti, but thicker: the name originates from Latin “torquere”, meaning “to press” and it refers to its processing.

In Puglia, they are usually served “allo scoglio”, which involves seafood of any kind (crustaceans, mussels, cuttlefish, and squid).

troccoli with seafood

Cavatelli, tasty little shells

This variety of pasta resembles little shells: its name has the meaning of “little hollows”.  I usually eat it with seafood or with cherry tomatoes, arugula, and ricotta cheese.

cavatelli pasta puglia

You can buy these delicacies in family-owned stores, each one has its own secret recipe! Furthermore, in cities like Bari, you can actually witness the entire process of making: in Bari Vecchia, one of the most ancient neighborhoods of the city, during the summertime, women knead and sell pasta right in front of your eyes!

So, are you feeling hungry? Travel with locals and taste the typical pasta from Puglia! Discover our services!