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Truffle in Lazio : itinerary suggestions

Truffle in Lazio: itinerary suggestions, written with love by Carlotta

Black or White Truffle? Take your pick.

The truffle is the most valuable and expensive mushroom. That is right, the truffle is actually a mushroom, did you know?

In fact, it is difficult to find and to obtain considerable quantities, as it grows underground. We need dogs to hunt truffles.

The size of the truffle is usually small, with a diameter of about 5-6 cm and weighing even less than 100 g, Truffle weighing a few kilos exists, but they are very rare. Starred chefs use Truffle to prepare gourmet dishes, exalted not only by the taste of this hypogeous mushroom but also by its persistent and unmistakable aroma.

Finally, there are 3 essential characteristics you should look for in a  truffle, whether it is white or black.  Check its typical smell (strong ), the consistency (stiff but slightly stretchy), and, last but not least, the price!

The black truffle has a more delicate scent and a very pleasant almost sweet taste. The white truffle, instead, is more intense (but always very balanced).

Some people compare white truffle to  Parmesan cheese, although I personally do not find many similarities between the two. Finally, white truffle has a garlicky and slightly spicy taste, sweetened by hints of honey.

Lazio truffle

Ready to discover Truffle in Lazio? Here are the places we recommend.

In the area east of the Lake of Bolsena and the area south of Orvieto you can find  White Precious Truffle and the Scorzone. Visit  Bagnoregio, Graffignano, Bomarzo, and the area that from the Tolfa Mountains (Allumiere and Tolfa) goes up to Monte Romano, Blera and Tarquinia. These are the most popular areas for Truffle in Lazio.

Also along the Tiber starting from Orte and Magliano Sabina, up to the province of Rome (Fiano Romano), the Precious White Truffle is abundant.

In the province of Rome, in the area around Tivoli (Vicovaro) all truffle species can be found.

The province of Rieti is accredited as one of the richest provinces in Italy for the production of truffles.

The most important areas for truffles in Lazio are :

– The Turano Valley (Ascrea, Stipes); in these two areas are present all the most valuable species of truffles (White Precious, Black Precious, Scorzone, and Uncinato).

– The Salto Valley and Cicolano (S.Martino di Petrella Salto).

– The area of the Sabine Mountains (from Contigliano to Fara in Sabina); in these areas, you will find Black Truffle and Scorzone.

– The area of Terminillo (Leonessa).

In the Province of Frosinone stand out:
  • the Liri Valley for White Precious, the Scorzone, and for the highest areas Black Precious.
  • the area that starts to the East of Frosinone with important centers such as Sora, Pescosolido, Campoli Appennino, S. Donato Val di Camino
  • the South of the capital with centers such as Cassino, Colle S. Magno, and the area of Mount Cairo for all the Black Truffles (Black Precious, Uncinato and Scorzone).

In the Province of Latina, the production of truffles starts from the valley of the Sacco River, passes through the Ausoni and Aurunci mountains, especially in centers such as Pastena, Campo di Mele, Lenola, and ends in the Pontine plain up to Formia.

Thinking about sightseeing? Discover our top picks in the area

The Village of Marta

Discovering Truffle in Lazio can be tiring, and Marta is the perfect place to relax!

A few kilometers from Viterbo, on the mirror of water of Lake Bolsena, overlooks the small village of Marta: “the village of fishermen”. A picturesque village, with colorful houses. Enjoy a panoramic view of the nearby islands of “Martena” and “Bisentina” and walk on the lakeside promenade. For these reasons, Marta is an ideal place to relax.


Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri and Tarquinia

The archaeological site since 1995 is a site of community importance. The necropolis is part of the group of the Etruscan necropolises of Cerveteri and Tarquinia, part of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004.

In Tarquinia, an element of exceptional archaeological interest is constituted by the vast necropolis, in particular the necropolis of Monterozzi, which contains a large number of tumulus tombs with chambers dug into the rock. Here an extraordinary series of frescoes are preserved. In fact, this is the most extensive documentation of all ancient painting before the Roman imperial age. The funerary chambers, modeled on the interiors of the houses, have walls decorated with frescoes on a light layer of plaster, with scenes of a magical-religious nature depicting funerary banquets, dancers, aulós players, juggling, landscapes. After the fifth century BC figures of demons and gods are flanked by episodes of farewell, accentuating the monstrous and pathetic.

Among the most interesting sepulchers are the tombs of the Warrior, the Hunting and Fishing, the Lionesses, the Augurs, the Jugglers, the Leopards, the Festoons, the Baron, the Ogre, and the Shields.


Nymph’s garden

Located in Cisterna di Latina, on the border with Norma and Sermoneta, the Garden of Ninfa is actually a historical garden of international fame, declared Natural Monument by the Lazio Region.

Here you can admire thousands of different species, among plants and animals.

It is in fact a typical English garden, started by Gelasio Caetani in 1921, in the area of the disappeared medieval town of Ninfa, of which today remain only several ruins, some of which restored during the creation of the garden.

Ninfa garden


Leonessa is a relaxing town: the climate, the right altitude, the position, and the tranquillity of the place are particularly suitable for those who need to recover energies. A place that, however, offers as many opportunities for sportsmen and for those who prefer contact with nature: thanks to its privileged location at the foot of Mount Terminillo (the peak is about 20 km away and you can get there along a road immersed in beech forests), Leonessa is the privileged base for all mountain sports, both summer, and winter.

You can practice trekking, mountain bike, excursions, and walks but also downhill skiing (both on the Terminillo and in the nearby village of Campostella) and cross-country skiing (two rings are available, in Vallonina and Fontenova).

In the historical center of Leonessa, you can admire some palaces built between the centuries XVI and XVIII. Among these, we can point out the Palazzi Mongalli built in the XV-XVI century of which one is now the seat of the Municipality. This one presents a valuable portal of the XVII century made of local stone. Other palaces are::

  • Bisini Palace of the XVI century
  • Morelli Palace (XVI century)
  • Vanni Palace, where the beautiful portal of the XVIII century stands out,
  • Viscardi Palace (XVI-XVII century) right in front of the Convent of San Francesco
  • Cherubini Palace, where the famous composer Bixio Cherubini was born in 1899
  • Ettore Palace was built between the XVII and the XVIII century.

leonessa your true italy

You are now ready to discover Truffle in Lazio and enjoy this beautiful region.

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