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Risorgimento tour in Milan

In this Risorgimento history tour around Milan, you will visit GAM (modern art gallery), La Scala, and Brera Museums.  Furthermore, you will learn about the key role played by Milan in Italy’s recent history. I am an art history expert and we will discover together the life and works of writers, musicians, and artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Risorgimento history tour in Milan

Trip in a nutshell

  • Ideal for: history buffs and art and music lovers
  • Highlights: La Scala museum, Gam- villa Reale collection
  • What you will learn: how Milan became the most important city in Italy during the XIX century and why this specific period in Italy was called Risorgimento
  • Local professional guide throughout your entire trip
  • Length:  1 day
  • Starts from Gam- via Palestro, Milan
  • Transportation: walking tour
  • Price: starting from €140 per person (based on a group of 4 people).


RISORGIMENTO is a unique word to understand the history and cultural background of Italy during the long 19th century.

During this period, in fact, Italy became an independent country and many of the leading personalities that developed the story of our country met in Milan. The city played a key role in fighting for independence. Furthermore, it achieved international visibility in art and culture after the Renaissance. Many writers, musicians, and artists were involved in this transformational process.  For this reason, I designed this Risorgimento history tour in Milan: to explore with you the lives and works of these artists.

Risorgimento history tour in Milan – Morning – GAM and Fashion District

We will start at Gam, the modern art Gallery of Milan also called Villa RealeThis building was erected in the last years of the 18th century by one of the most important architects in Milan.  It was then converted into a museum at the beginning of 900. The unique garden, wonderfully decorated neoclassical apartments, and two different art collections make the visit to this museum one of the key points in town.

We will then walk along the fashion district, full of amazing palaces of the same period. Finally,  we will stop for lunch in the most antique restaurant in Milan and one of the oldest in Europe called Boeucc. This venue hosted many rebels’ meetings during Risorgimento.

Risorgimento history tour in Milan – Afternoon – Alessandro Manzoni’s house, La Scala and Brera Museums

After lunch, in the same square, you’ll find the original house of the most popular Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni. We will visit his house and discover the secrets of his studio. For this reason, I’m quite sure that after the visit you will be very curious to read his main novel, “The betrothed”.

The Manzoni home museum is very close to two of the most fascinating little squares in Milan. One of them is Piazza Della Scala.

We will enter La Scala museum, visit part of the theatre and recall the original soundtracks of the past. In fact, here musicians played opera arias of the most popular 19th-century composers. Verdi,  Bellini, and Rossini, for instance.  Furthermore, iconic singers like Maria Callas performed here.

Finally, we will walk around the Brera district, see the Botanical Garden, and take a quick tour inside Brera museum. Brera hosts Milan’s most important art gallery.  Probably we will be a little bit tired, so the best thing to do is stopping for Aperitivo in one of the most fascinating streets around Brera. We can chat about all the beautiful and unexpected sights of one of the most contemporary Italian cities.

I can customize this Risorgimento and XIX century tour to your preferences, the learning experience is guaranteed! Book your tour here.

The point of interest

Are you ready to join our professional art history guide on our Risorgimento history tour in Milan?

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Is included

  • Entrance to all sights mentioned in the program
  • A local professional guide throughout your trip
  • Aperitivo at the end of the tour
  • Pre-trip support and assistance during your trip

Is not included, but can be arranged

  • Typical lunch
  • Fashion shopping tour
  • Any other destination/experience not specified in the program

What to bring – useful info

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring a bottle of water and a hat in the summer

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