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Naples culture and food itinerary

Alessia is a professional local guide and she designed this Naples culture and food itinerary. You will visit the city center, take a food tour and spend one day on the island of Procida.

On this tour of Naples and Procida, you will discover the history of these places, the secret to a perfect cuoppo and finally the most characteristic places of the seaside.

Naples culture and food itinerary

Trip in a nutshell

  • Ideal for: history lovers, couples and above all foodies
  • Highlights: Procida island, street food tour, Naples historic center
  • What you will learn: the secret to a perfect Cuoppo, the fast of Naples’ dynasties, religious traditions
  • Local professional guide throughout your entire trip
  • Length:  4 days, 3 nights
  • Transportation: walking, taxis or public transport, boat to Procida
  • Accommodation and meals: 4-star hotel in Naples, street food during the day, traditional restaurants in the evening
  • Price: starting from €550 per person (based on a group of 4 people).


On this tour of Naples and Procida, you will discover the history of these places, the secret to a perfect cuoppo and the most characteristic places of the seaside.

Naples has indeed a very long history, a distinctive trait is a fact that in this city many different people settled: greeks, Byzantines, Saracens, the Spanish and the french.

This vibrant context allowed the city to develop an important tradition. In fact,  Naples was the main stage for humanism and enlightenment. It also created a distinctive form of theatre, the Neapolitan ballad, and peculiar cooking traditions.

Let’s get started!


DAY 1 Live like a king : Castel dell’Ovo and Royal Palace

MORNING Castel dell’Ovo

Castel dell Ovo is set on the old island of Megaride. This island is where the greek colonists decided to settle in southern Italy, after having been in Ischia, in the VI century b.C. Finally, they called the island Partenope, from the name of the mermaid who, in the tradition, after the rejection by Ulysses, decided to commit suicide.

Castel dell Ovo is a very well-known element that stands out in the view of the gulf. In one of the most suggestive and fanciful Neapolitan legends, it is believed the name “Ovo” is derived from the egg Virgil supposedly hid inside one of the cages of the Castle’s basement. This egg was believed to protect the whole fortress and prevent catastrophes to happen in Naples and the island itself.

From the terraces of the Castle, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the gulf, which offers the visitor a unique overview of the city.

AFTERNOON Royal Palace

The Royal Palace represented for more than three centuries the core of power in Naples and entire southern Italy. It was the home of the viceroys of the Bourbon dynasty.

It is now a museum, particularly about the royal apartments, and it is also the home of the National Library, the biggest one in Italy with more than two million texts.

Part of the Royal Palace complex houses the San Carlo theatre a very breath-taking building in which the distinctive Neapolitan theatre flourished.


DAY 2 The island of Procida, unspoiled beauty and great seafood

MORNING Visit of Procida

The whole itinerary in Procida is outdoor, considering the splendid landscape which surrounds the island. Procida during its history developed a very distinctive kind of architecture, usually defined as spontaneous. It is intrinsically linked to the communities and codes of its people, some character traits are the arches and polychromy made of pastel colors.

We will start in  Marina Grande, the place of the main harbor, with characteristic small shops and very rich of colors.

We will then continue to Marina di Corricella, the oldest seaside village in Procida, and the setting for the movie “Il Postino”, the last film starring Neapolitan actor Massimo Troisi who died shortly after the shootings.  “The Talented Mr. Ripley” was also filmed here.

AFTERNOON Island of Vivara

The afternoon starts with a walk through the city center and then continues to the little island called Vivara.

The island is a marine protected area, which is possible to enjoy from the outside only.

Finally, you will have some time to wander on your own before taking the ferry back to Naples.


DAY 3 In the heart of Naples : local culture and street food

 Naples city center and street food

Join Alessia in the heart of Naples and grasp and breathe the smells and colors of this unique city!

Main stops are: Gesù Nuovo church, Santa Chiara church, San Lorenzo church, Nilo square, Chiesa delle Anime del Purgatorio and Pietrasanta basilica.

During the entire tour, there are many street food spots, in which it is a must to taste fried pizza, pizza “a portafoglio”, cuoppo, sfogliatella, and coffee.


DAY 4 Naples culture and food itinerary your way

This is your last day of this Naples culture and food itinerary and Alessia will help you make it a memorable experience!

You could take a day trip to the Amalfi coast or to the Royal Palace and Caserta. Maybe you just want to explore the city and buy the perfect gift for your friend at home.

This day is for you to fill and Alessia will make it happen!

The point of interest

Are you ready to join our professional local guide on this Naples culture and food itinerary?

Contact us and receive a tailored, nonbinding offer within 3 days!

Is included

  • Accommodation and breakfast : 3 nights in a central 4 stars hotel (based on double room occupancy)
  • 4 meals ( lunch or dinner)
  • All the experiences mentioned in the program
  • A local professional guide throughout your trip
  • Pre-trip support and assistance during your trip


Is not included , but can be arranged

  • Transportation throughout the tour
  • Any other destination / experience not specified in the program

What to bring – useful info

  • Sunscreen / sunglasses
  • Pack one nicer outfit for evenings out (optional 😉)
  • 1 light jacket or wrap
  • 1 pair of solid walking shoes
  • Hat
  • Small daypack that’s comfortable to carry
  • Finally, a water bottle

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