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Our Italy responsible tours are created by local professional guides who live and work in these regions.

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Lipari sights and sweets tour

Lipari sights and sweets tour with Cristina, a professional tour guide, born and raised in Sicily. You will discover the highlights of the most interesting Aeolian Island, Lipari: archaeology, natural beauty, and local traditions! Trip in a nutshell Ideal for: [...]

Naples culture and food itinerary

Alessia is a professional local guide and she designed this Naples culture and food itinerary. You will visit the city center, take a food tour and spend one day on the island of Procida. On this tour of Naples and [...]

Puglia cultural tour : history, traditions and food

Welcome to this Puglia cultural tour designed by Art Historian Federica. Puglia is the heel of the Italian boot. A land of sea, hills, and boundless plains: in fact, it attracts tourism not only for its mesmerizing coast and natural [...]

Venice art history tour

In this Venice art history tour, you will visit palaces and museums from the 15th century and discover San Michele, Torcello, Burano, and San Giorgio islands. You will also admire the masterpieces of Tiziano, Tintoretto, and Veronese and discover squares [...]

Risorgimento tour in Milan

In this Risorgimento history tour around Milan, you will visit GAM (modern art gallery), La Scala, and Brera Museums.  Furthermore, you will learn about the key role played by Milan in Italy's recent history. I am an art history expert [...]

20th century Florence heritage tour

On this 20th century Florence heritage tour you will learn about the life of famous florentine and we will visit the Novecento Museum. Florence has an extraordinary regenerative attitude: it has reinvented itself throughout the centuries and pioneered many areas [...]

Fashion tour in Florence

 On this Florence fashion tour, you will learn about Italian fashion and visit iconic places such as the Ferragamo and Gucci Museums. Italian prêt-à-porter fashion was born in Florence after WWII and the first official Italian fashion show took place [...]

Organic winery tour around Bologna

In this organic winery tour around Bologna, you will visit family-owned companies and you will learn about their vision. I used to manage a wine bar and I had the privilege to meet skillful winemakers passionate about their territory. In [...]

The Gustav Line

Southern Lazio with the Gustav Line was the scene of the fiercest and most violent battles of WWII during the Italian campaign. Bloody battles, bombings, and retaliations still echo in the memory of the places, travel back in time along [...]

Learn Italian and live like a local

The Italian Language is famous for its beautiful sounds and its enormous prestige. Like all the Latin-derived languages it is not very easy to learn but there is no better way to learn Italian than being immersed in the local [...]

Faith, art and WW II history

This region offers a lot to be discovered: wine, frescoes, miracles, battles. For this reason, we crafted for you a guided history tour of Abruzzo. Trip in a nutshell Ideal for: foodies, family, guided history tour of Abruzzo lovers Highlights: [...]

Romantic Villas and Gardens

There are many romantic places in Italy and the area around Rome boasts historic villas and idyllic gardens. In fact, mankind has shaped land and water into monumental gardens, rich in symbolism and mystical meanings. Travel in the Renaissance and [...]

Follow Etruscan footsteps

Etruscans were one of the most important civilizations of the Mediterranean region. Become Indiana Jones for a few days on this Etruscan tour: discover Tarquinia necropolis and ancient cities Trip in a nutshell - Etruscan tour : discover Tarquinia necropolis [...]

Cycling in the vineyards

The countryside of Emilia Romagna is full of picturesque villages and vineyards that still remain untouched by mass tourism. In this bike tour in Emilia Romagna, you will sample local wine, discover urban graffiti in a small town, and taste [...]

People of Romagna

The people of Romagna have a reputation of self staters, welcoming and candid. In this tour, we will meet fishermen, sustainable farmers, and mosaic artists. Trip in a nutshell Ideal for: wine lovers, off the beaten path seekers, mosaic enthousiasts [...]

Travel in the Renaissance

On this Castles tour in Emilia Romagna, you will discover fortresses and manor houses dating from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. A local history guide will share the stories of Italy's most illustrious dynasties. Trip in a nutshell Ideal [...]

Slow ride, slow food

Ride a Vespa in Italy and experience the Country like a local! Emilia Romagna is a land of gastronomic excellence. A place where knowledge and culture come together in slow recipes with ancient roots that have become part of the [...]

Dante’s Romagna

Dante Alighieri died in 1321 in Ravenna, the city where I was born and grew up. I designed this Dante tour in Emilia Romagna to rediscover his places in Divine Comedy style. We will discover medieval cities and idyllic countryside [...]

Lazio from farm to table

Italy is famous worldwide for its food, but a few travelers discover beyond our iconic gastronomic and wine produces. In this organic food tour, you will discover our centuries-old food traditions. As a result, you will meet farmers, cheesemakers, and [...]

We promote responsible tours in Italy by showcasing off-the-beaten-path destinations, supporting small businesses, and empowering local guides.

In fact, our tours are created by local professional guides who live and work in these regions. The places we recommend are the ones where our local expert would take her family, and she probably already has.

Select your turnkey travel package from our tours and customize it to your wishes thanks to the knowledge of our local professional guide.

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