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The Gustav Line – A journey to the battlefields of WWII

Gustav Line tour

Written with love by Elena

The Gustav Line was the main German defense line set up by Hitler to prevent the advancing of the Allies after the Italian surrender on 8 September 1943. As a consequence, the fiercest and most violent battles of WWII took place in southern Lazio..

The Gustav Line divided Italy into two along the Garigliano and Sangro rivers. To the north were the German troops, and to the south, the Allies fighting for liberation.

This Gustav Line tour will take you to the locations of the bloody battles, bombings, and retaliation that still echo in the memory of the places. In fact, you will find fortifications, memorial stones, and ruins everywhere. There are over seventy thousand tombstones, among the war cemeteries of American, Italian, Polish, German, British, French, and Canadian soldiers.

Furthermore, you will walk along mountain paths that will make you understand the strategic importance of the battles.  In fact, you will climb to the source of the Gari river and the Rapido river, or descend to the mouth of the Garigliano river, ‘the river of the four battles’.  Finally, we will walk along the beaches of Operation Shingle.

This Gustav line tour is complemented by a visit to the Colle San Magno Museum of Memory. This museum recounts the war through the stories of civilians. Finally, in Piana delle Orme Museum, you will find thousands of objects, including tanks and a reconstructed aircraft, as well as items used by the troops during the battle.

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