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Street food in Todi: 3 places where locals hang out

Street food in Todi

Written with love by Irene

Todi boasts numerous historical and interesting buildings and monuments. However, there is also a great deal of local food to taste!

Here are the 3 places where locals eat in Todi:

A slice of Pizza for every taste

Dige’s Pizza is a pizzeria in the historic center of Todi, specialized in making sliced pizzas. Locals love it for good reasons: the natural rising of the dough (48 hours), and the use of special flour along with the freshest ingredients for topping. It serves a large variety of pizzas for all tastes. This is a place where I always go every time I come back to visit my parents. When I was a young student with my schoolmates, we used to grab a slice of Margherita pizza on the go right after class, at that time they served only take-away. Nowadays, Dige’s Pizza also offers both indoor space and outdoor tables.

Enjoy Crêpe at a local joint

If you are a crepe-lover then Le Roi de la Crêpe is the place for you. This street food in the city center serves a wide variety of sweet and savory crêpes. The staff is friendly, professional, and highly passionate about what they do. The crêpes dough texture is crispy and thick, this makes its taste rich and divine. Perfect grab-and-go snack place at any hour of the day, but bear in mind that during lunch hours is crowded with locals. This can be a good opportunity to engage yourself in a conversation with a local. When I lived in Todi this is was the right spot to satisfy my craving for something “GOOD”, the crepe is served folded in a biodegradable handy holder and its size is very big compared to a regular crepe.  The price range is affordable, from 7euro to 9euro.

Ice cream at the oldest parlor in town

You cannot leave Todi without stopping for the best ice cream in town at Gelateria Pianegiani. It is the most known and oldest ice cream parlor in Todi. Some tourists travel even from other regions just to visit and try Pianegiani gelato.  In summer, this place is crowded with locals and travelers. Its position is nearby the main square and it is easy to find, or you can ask locals to address you there. Before moving abroad, I used to visit Pianegiani at least once a week during summer. Pianegiani is open all year round. If you like gelato and happen to be in Umbria, you should add Gelateria Pianegiani to your Italy travel itinerary!

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