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Lake Como Hamlets : Nesso

Lake Como Hamlets: Nesso, written with love by Carlotta

Nesso is a village, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como. What makes it one of the best places around the lake?

It is indeed its famous and incredible orrido, a natural and deep gorge carved into the rock that characterizes the entire surrounding area. Finally, halfway between Como and Bellagio, Nesso is a place of undisputed beauty where nature is the absolute protagonist.

Nesso Como Hamlets

Ready to climb 350 steps to see the waterfall?

You can reach Nesso from Como through the ancient Strada Regia. (Royal Road)  It rises indeed exactly on the point of union between the two streams Tud and Nosé which create the homonymous waterfall that makes this place incredible.

This spectacular natural gorge, born from the deep fracture in the rock, explodes in a waterfall with a jump of over 200 meters.

Thanks to the presence of the gorge of Nesso, one of the most terrifying and suggestive in Italy, the picturesque village is now a favorite destination for nature lovers.

The gorge can be admired from above, from Piazza Castello. To arrive at the exact point, you will climb a long staircase of over 350 steps. This lane becomes finally a narrow alley that leads to the shore of the lake.

Once you reach your destination, you will notice the medieval Civera bridge, from which you can admire the waterfall. Nesso can also be seen from the water by boat or canoe.

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Visit Nesso and other hamlets

Today, the gorge and the waterfall, divide in two the small village. It is indeed a real jewel set among the rocks overlooking the calm waters of Lake Como. The village is a prime destination for hiking especially because of the gorge of Nesso that has something magical and suggestive. Even Leonardo da Vinci, in the Codex Atlanticus, described this place as incredible.

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