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What to see in Lazio | Free webinar | February 2022

What to see in Lazio: Hamlets, Nature and Palaces

The area north of Rome boasts a number of historic villas and idyllic gardens.

Elena, our local professional guide, will take you to Capodimonte hamlet, lake Bolsena, and the city of Rieti.

We will visit Bomarzo Holy Grove, Palazzo Farnese and Torre Alfina Castle.

Finally, you will discover pasta Amatriciana, local cuts, and Est Est Est wine!

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Read on and discover more on what to see in Lazio.

Elena, local guide Your True Italy

What to see in Lazio : Hamlets

Lazio’s enchanting villages haven’t changed much since the Middle Ages. Built on the top of steep hills, or on the shores of rivers and lakes… the landscape is part of their history!

capodimonte what to see in Lazio


Right on Bolsena Lake

Capodimonte lies on a stretch of land, surrounded by Lake Bolsena. The XVI ct. Rocca Farnese hosted personalities of the Italian Renaissance, as Lucrezia Borgia.

casperia what to see in Lazio


One of Italy's oldest villages

Casperia is one of the most ancient villages in Italy, mentioned in the Latin poem Aeneid. The old town is enclosed by the defense walls. Here you breathe the story of Italy itself!

civita di bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio

The dying town

Known also as ``the dying town``, it is a medieval village that can be accessed only through a pedestrian bridge. Landslides and erosion have caused its abandonment, so less than 10 people live there today!

What to see in Lazio : Nature

Northern Lazio features a wide variety of landscapes, from the Appennini mountains to the sandy coastline, high cliffs, and winding rivers… Volcanic lakes, ancient forests, and wetlands complete the picture!

what to see in Lazio bolsena

Bolsena Lake

Europe's largest volcanic lake

A mirror of the sky, this is the biggest volcanic lake in Europe. It is surrounded by seven villages and a wild, natural coastline between them. It is beautiful in summer, and magical in winter

valle santa things to do in Lazio

Valle Santa

Saint Francis' Holy Valley

Discover the monasteries scattered in the so ``holy valley``. Follow the footsteps of Saint Francis, to find the hidden sanctuaries he founded eight centuries ago



The magics of water

In Rieti, the Velino River flows through the medieval walled city and it's the most popular meeting place for the locals. Near the town, you find many springs, like those of Santa Susanna, the second largest in Europe!

What to see in Lazio: Palaces

During the Renaissance, the noble families concentrated around Rome and transformed their estates into villas and palaces of incredible beauty.

villa d'este 1

Villa D'Este

Fountains and gardens

Villa d'Este is a 16th-century villa in Tivoli, near Rome, famous for its terraced hillside Italian Renaissance garden and especially for its profusion of fountains

palazzo farnese 1

Palazzo Farnese

Perfect harmony and simmetry

Palazzo Farnese is one of the finest examples of Reinassance architecture. Everything is proportioned and harmonic

torre Alfina 1

Torre Alfina

Neo-Gothic style

Earl Edoardo Cahen bought the medieval castle in 1880 and started a total restoration and created an imposing neo-Gothic style structure clad in gray stone