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Venice Art History Webinar

Venice Art History Webinar

In this Venice art history webinar, you will visit palaces and museums from the 15th century and discover San Michele, Torcello, and San Lazzaro degli Armeni islands.
You will get a glimpse of Venice’s sights, tastes, and scents, and a lot of tips to plan your visit.
The tour is led by Silvia, an art history professional passionate about Venice’s golden age.

Read on and discover more about Venice

Inspiration for Italy trips

Venice art history: sights

Everybody knows San Marco square, and we will talk about it. Furthermore, these are my favourite sights in Venice

Venice Art History

Grimani Palace

The best place to see arts

Palazzo Grimani, a noble palace restored with amazing art collections where you can find some of the most important pieces in town and temporary exhibition as well.

Venica art history Madonna dell'Orto

Madonna dell'Orto

Tintoretto's masterpieces

Madonna dell'orto, a key gothic architecture in town, started during the XIV century, Inside you will find the tombstone and some of the great masterpieces painted by Tintoretto,

ca rezzonico

Ca' Rezzonico Museum

Noblesse oblige

Ca'Rezzonico, perfect destination for who wants to know how noblesmen lived during XVIII century. The collection is rich of the the great painters of Venetian Veduta as Canaletto and Guardi,placed among original furniture

Traditional shops

Silk, books or laces, what is your pick?

Venice art history silk


400 years of hisotry

Rubelli and Fortuny are only two of the brands that since XIX century are running the production of silk and amazing fabric for dresses and home, a story longer more than 400 years.

venice art history books

The legacy of paper

Ancient books and quality stationary

Main center for publishing industry at least since the late XV century, Venice still have some of the most spectacular bookstore and libraries in the world, where you can find ancient books and fine quality stationary shop.

burano laces


Laces making in Burano island

In Burano, one of the farther island of the lagoon, you can still stare at old women making laces in front of their housedoor. The production of laces is not entrusted only to them but the tradition is respected to guarantee quality

Venice’s lagoon

In order to truly understand Venice, you need to understand its unique environment.

The lagoon is indeed a delicate and fragile ecosystem striving to find the right balance between accessibility and sustainability. Furthermore, there are more than 100 islands in the lagoon, some are totally uninhabited, others tiny and everyone has a rich historical heritage.



Archeological heritage

Currently the island has just eleven residents, but the priceless archaeological heritage here still preserved, makes it an incredible spot for walking into nature, art lovers and VIP looking for quiet and hidden place.

San Michele in Isola

San Michele in Isola

The cemetery island

Strange to say, but even the last journey in Venice had been made for centuries with a gondola. Among the Codussi architectures and cloister, poets and artist had chosen this unique place to rest in peace.

San Lazzaro degli Armeni

San Lazzaro degli Armeni

Armenian Culture

It is a small island and is completely occupied by a monastery, the mother house of the Mekhitarist order. The island is one of the first centers of Armenian culture in the world.