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Emilia Romagna Food & Wine | Free webinar | Dec 16th 9 pm CET

Emilia Romagna Food & Wine

Discover Emilia Romagna Food & Wine with Francesco, a food expert, and sommelier.

With 44 certifications, Emilia Romagna boasts the largest number of PDO and PGI products in Europe.

In this webinar Francesco will talk about Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and lesser-known produces like Pignoletto wine and Majani chocolate.

You will also discover beautiful hamlets, like Brisghella, wild landscapes such as the Comacchio valley, and the iconic Ferrari and Lamborghini museums.

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Read on and discover more about Emilia Romagna.

Francesco - Local Guide Your True Italy

Emilia Romagna Food & Wine: Parmesan Cheese, Majani Chocolate and wine

Learn the history and the culture behind Parma Cheese and Ham and discover less known delicacies (asparagus, pear, salame, provolone…). Have you tried Majani tortellini-shaped chocolates? Perfect for the holidays.

Parmesan cheese Emilia Romagna Food & Wine

Parmesan Cheese Emilia

Over 1000 years of history

Produced since the year 1000 according to a recipe of the Benedictine monks, it is still prepared in the same way, hand-made.

Majani Emilia Romagna Food & Wine


Chocolate since 1796

Teresina Majani began with her laboratory of sweet things in 1796. The brand still belongs to the same family and they have been able to make it famous all over the world.

sangiovese Emilia Romagna Food & Wine


The most cultivated grape

It is the most cultivated red grape variety in Italy, a symbol of this nation, but the only PDO is Romagna Sangiovese. Try it young or reserve

Hamlets in Emilia Romagna

The best way to try these delicacies is in a local trattoria. Outdoor tables, cobblestone streets, and medieval architecture. Discover Brisighella, Dozza, and castell’Aruqato, the finest villages in Emilia Romagna.



Simply beautiful

Defined as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Brisighella stands out in the heart of the gypsum vein park and along an ancient connecting road between Ravenna and Florence.



Graffiti and wine

Between Emilia and Romagna, this enchanting medieval village colored by many artist murals houses the headquarters of the Regional wine shop



Back to the Middle Ages

Medieval atmospheres in Val d'Arda, between Piacenza and Parma, if you are looking for castles and ancient fortifications, this is the area for you

Experiences in Emilia Romagna

At 652 Km, the Po is the longest river in Italy. Discover its Delta Regional Park in Comacchio, hike in the Appennines, and… get a close look at  Ferrari and Lamborghini in the motor valley!

Po delta comacchio


Sand dunes and birds

Between land and water, sand dunes and quicksand, this area of inland waters has kept its most primitive and wild aspect, home of the roast eel!


Foreste Casentinesi

Nature and peace

You can swim in the rivers and visit old monasteries. Between trekking and wild nature.

motor valley

Motor Valley

As fast as it gets

Land of slow food...but also of fast cars. Visit Ferrari museum in Maranello or the Lamborghini museum and factory. Discovery tours of other high-end brands can also be arranged.