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Italy outdoors destinations : Sibillini Mountains

Italy outdoors destinations: Montefalcone Appennino and Sibillini Mountains, written with love by Carlotta

Montefalcone Appennino and Sibillini Mountains: explore nature, meet locals and learn about ancient Legends

Montefalcone Appennino, in the province of Fermo, is an ancient medieval town perched on a spur about 750 meters high overlooking the Sibillini mountains, defined by the writer Guido Piovene as “the most legendary mountains of central Italy”.

In the caves and on the paths that go up and down the sides of the Sibillini mountains, according to popular tales, fairies live and dance, stealing horses and kidnapping young people to lead them into unreal worlds.

For centuries, Montefalcone has observed the profile of the Apennine massif that stands out in front of it. The small village in the Marche region seems to look at the snowy profile of the Sibillini Mountains to guess at a new mystery that inhabits them. In this hamlet, you can discover our history and admire the splendid architectural and artistic evidence of the past.

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Ancient myths: future reading Sybil and Pontius Pilate

The Sibillini Mountains have always been the realm of legends and fantastic tales. In fact, here nature has remained primitive and dazzling in its austere beauty. You can still visit sanctuaries clinging to the mountains and enjoy convivial food scented with spices. Furthermore waters, caves, and lakes have inspired mysterious and suggestive stories.

It is the Sibyl, an ancient oracle who inhabits the deep gorges of the mountain, to animate this place since the beginning of time. A sort of oracle to whom to ask the future and to whom to entrust torments and doubts told in her deeds since the novels of the fifteenth century.

The legends tell that under Mount Sibilla there was a fairy kingdom that could be accessed through a narrow cave, a kingdom populated by wonderful creatures that for one day a week were transformed into terrible and monstrous creatures.

According to tradition, in the lake of Pilate would be kept the body of Pontius Pilate sentenced to death by Tiberius, first locked in a sack and then entrusted to a wagon of buffalo free to roam aimlessly. The animals would have come from Rome up to the Peak of the Redeemer from whose crest the body fell into the waters of the lake.

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Unspoiled landscapes and wild animals

These mountains are among my favorite Italy outdoors destinations, let me tell you why.

An interweaving of mysterious and reassuring landscapes is still open to visitors of the Monti Sibillini National Park.

You can explore valleys and caves and waters and you might come across rare and now everywhere disappeared animals.  In fact, wolves, wild cats, porcupines, and roe deer inhabit these places. Furthermore, park authorities have introduced colonies of deer and Apennine chamois. Look up and try to spot the golden eagle, the goshawk, and the sparrowhawk. On rare occasions, you can also see the eagle owl and the peregrine falcon. These birds take us back to the ancient time of medieval hunting and the first landscape paintings.

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