Gondola in Venice 2

Gondola in Venice : history and traditions

Gondola in Venice: history and traditions, written with love by Federico

The gondola is an emblem of Venice and its views. It is one of the first images that comes to mind thinking about this wonderful and romantic city.

In fact, a quiet and slow tour of Venice aboard a gondola through the canals and under the bridges is a unique and splendid experience.

The boat is 11 meters long with a specific shape, slightly tilted permitting the row from one side only. It is built with 8 different kinds of wood and decorated with friezes. Before the introduction of motorized ships, it was the main mean of transport in the Venetian lagoon.

The figure of the gondoliere is indeed very old. In the beginning, it was a job associated with the lower classes in the Venetian society, that would pass on from father to first-born. Nowadays it has become intrinsically related to tourism.

There are only 400 gondolieri, they are all from Venice and most of them belong to families which have been doing this job for generations.
To become a gondoliere there are 4 exams to pass, mostly about navigation skills, the intricate net of canals of Venice, and the history of this breathtaking city.

Gondola in Venice

Gondoliere in Venice: meet Antonio

Antonio is one of them, he follows his father and his grandfather, with this profession. He believes he does the best job in the best, most suggestive city in the world. He is deeply in love with Venice, its history, and its views and he would never change his occupation.
If you happen to go to Venice, look for him around San Moisè church, one of the 137 churches that punctuate this small and unique city.

People think they might get overcharged by gondolieri but actually, the price is fixed at 80 euros per 20 minutes. It is not that much considering this once-in-a-lifetime experience, so do not miss it!

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