Discover Basilicata Typical Dishes

Discover Basilicata typical dishes

Discover Basilicata typical dishes – Written with love by Alessia

The story behind Peperone Crusco

Peperone crusco is the king of Lucanian traditional cuisine.

If you are wondering what a ‘Peperone Crusco’ is, you definitely need to book a trip to Lucania (also known as ‘Basilicata’) and taste it! In the meantime, this article will provide you with some interesting information about this amazing food.

Peperone Crusco originates from a very faraway land: Antilles! In fact, the Spanish that imported this variety of red sweet pepper in Basilicata during the Aragonese domination in the 16th century. Now the Peperone Crusco of Senise has obtained the EU-protected geographical indication (PGI). This status promotes and protects the uniqueness of this agricultural product.

But contrary to what many might suppose, its crunchiness is not due to the fact that it belongs to a special variety of pepper! What makes Peperone Crusco so special is the processing it is subject to.  In fact, peppers are dried, then fried for 2 or 3 seconds, and finally put in the freezer. This processing makes peppers extremely crunchy (indeed, ‘Crusco’ means crunchy)!

Peperone Crusco  is the main ingredient of many traditional dishes in Basilicata, such as ‘strascinati mollicati con peperone crusco’ (local fresh pasta, with crumb, peperone crusco and cacio ricotta cheese) or ‘baccalà con peperone crusco’ (fried codfish with peperone crusco).

Now that you know (almost) everything about Peperone Crusco you really need to go to Discover Basilicata’s typical dishes.

Matera and Maratea: two places you can not miss in Basilicata

If you are planning a trip to Basilicata, Matera should definitely be on the list. Matera is a UNESCO world heritage site and a unique city. Since the paleolithic and until about 1950, people lived in the caves: houses dug into the calcarenite rock. Matera has been the setting for many movies:  The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson, 2004) and No Time to Die (2021) are just some examples.

Visiting Matera is a strong cultural experience, if you feel like you need to relax afterward just head to the beach in Maratea. This hidden gem on the Mediterranean sea is nicknamed “Mediterranean Rio de Janeiro”, discover why here.

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