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About us: Your Local Guides in Italy

Who we are

Your True Italy is the portal for your personal trip to Italy: create your tailor-made itinerary with us and design your dream vacation. Draw your special travel memories with our local guides in Italy!

Our mission is to bridge the gap between travelers and locals and be the voice of the Italians in love with their Country. We want travelers to connect with Italians, experience authentic places, and feel at home in Italy.

Our platform enables travelers to experience Italy like a local and discover hidden gems. Italy is not only made up of great cities of art and splendid seaside and mountain resorts, but also of small villages, curious traditions, warmth, and fun. Through Your True Italy, travelers can access curated content and authentic local experts’ advice, while supporting local communities. Find your local guides in Italy!

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Our local guides in Italy

Our Italian travel professionals will guide you through a memorable experience. Find your local among our experts and create your personalized holiday! Travel with us, your local guides in Italy.

Francesco - Local Guide Your True Italy


Emilia Romagna

I was born in Ravenna and I live in Bologna. As a lover of food and wine, I managed my own wine shop. I am a sommelier and I published two travel books about food and wine. When I have some free time, I make handmade pasta as my grandmother taught me!

Elena, local guide Your True Italy



Do you daydream about a tour where culture and nature blend together? That's my piece of cake! I'm a tour and hiking guide, grown up in Lazio. I love sharing the inspiring history of my homeland: 10 years ago I set up a company to do it! Everybody asks me if I descend from Etruscan ancestors: come with me and discover it!

Maria Rita


Benvenuto a Firenze! Did you know that Florence is the cradle of Italian fashion? If you are looking for hidden gems and you want to go beyond the usual destinations, follow me on my themed tours around fashion, the Florentine 20th century, and much more! Explore with me the Chianti countryside and meet the farmers in love with their produces.



Born and raised in Naples, I feel comfortable only with sea in sight. I am a certified guide with a passion for history and food&wine tours. My studies in history and anthropology allow me to create unusual tours, through which this old Mediterranean melting pot can be experienced as only a local would do.

Kharen, Local Guide Your True Italy



I'm an enthusiastic and multilingual Tour Guide. I live and work in the heart of Italy, Abruzzo. I believe a good tour guide can make a difference in someone's journey and since I'm a traveller myself I share my knowledge and interact with people so that they understand better and appreciate my region and its traditions.

Inspiration for Italy trips


Art history in Milan and Venice

I have been living in Milan since 2009 but half of my heart lives in Venice, where I studied art history. Since my childhood, I’ve always been an art lover: old churches and palaces, museums full of paintings, history… I want to show you their secrets and beauty. Ready to discover the most gorgeous pieces of art?

Local guide Marche



Le Marche is still a hidden gem: sea, countryside and historic cities all within a couple of hours drive. This is me at work in the Roman cistern of Fermo. I am an art historian with a passion for local food. If you are looking for the right balance between culture, relax and … food, I can help!

your true Italy guide



Piacere, I am Alessia, a young tourist guides enthusiastic about her land. I will make you feel at home in Italy from day 1! I work with children, and I like to create themed itineraries: cinema, theater or music. I believe in inclusion, and I am learning sign language.

Federica Nubile local guide



I am Federica, Apulian tour guide. I have a degree in Art History, and I started this job more than 10 years ago. I love my job! It allows me to meet people from all over the world and to share with them emotions, traditions and. . . just the beauty of my wonderful region!

Italy local guides



I was born in Geneva, Switzerland from Sicilian parents. I grew up in a house where French, Italian and Sicilian dialect all mingled. When I was twelve years old, I moved to Sicily with my family. I hold a degree in foreign Languages and I am a licensed tour guide since 2000.

Our contributors

Passionate about their territory, our contributors enrich Your True Italy with suggestions and tidbits to be discovered!

Matilde, contributor Your True Italy



I was born in Bologna but I have been living in Milan for 9 years. I am a world traveller, I have visited about 40 countries, but I do love visiting my own country too and I am thrilled to share my trips and give any advice I can. Since a few years I have also started exploring the world underwater and I got my scuba diving licence!

Irene, contributor Your True Italy



I grew up in Todi, a charming hilltop town in the green heart of Umbria. I am passionate about telling people about the places I've lived. My hometown is filled with endless stories, legends, and places to visit! I live abroad, and I have actually found myself to be a tourist in my own town because it is so welcoming!

Nunzia, contributor Your True Italy



I was born in Gragnano, in the Sorrento Peninsula, but I have lived in France for several years. I have a Master’s degree in Promotion of Italian culture and Made in Italy and I speak 4 languages, 5 if we count Neapolitan! 😉 I’m a Tour Leader and a “typical Italian”: I eat pasta every day, pizza on weekends and I make a super tasty tiramisù!

Alessia, contributor Your True Italy



I'm passionate about my country and committed to promote its beauties. When people ask me where I come from, I can't give a straight answer, as my identity is a cultural mix between Southern Italy, where I was born, and Northern Italy, where I'm based. I am a sport & nature enthusiast, but as a real Italian my love is food.

Valeria, contributor Your True Italy



I'm a world traveller passionate about new cultures. For me, travelling means to learn, I immerse myself in the culture of the place where I am at 360 degrees and this is how I want travellers to feel when they come to visit my country. I am from Rome with part of the family from Umbria: let's go discover my places!



Emilia Romagna

I come from Ferrara, a lovely small town in northern Italy. I am a passionate traveler, I was lucky enough to visit many countries, but in the end I am very happy about been based here and getting to know and experience the vast range of people, traditions and foods Italy can offer. I am a sports and nature junky!

Antonella contributor



I am a foreign languages student and I live in Ferrara. My greatest passion is learning about countries of the world. I have the eyes and mind of a traveler, but my heart is deeply rooted in my homeland: my beloved and adored Puglia, the heel of Italy, a place of traditions, landscapes, and delicious food: ready to fall in love?

carlotta contributor your true Italy


Emilia Romagna

I am Carlotta, a girl who has always been passionate about travel, born and raised in the cradle of Emilia Romagna, Bologna. I have the mind of a traveller, but I am also very attached to my roots. I am in love with my city, and every time I travel, I like to take a piece of it with me. So, if you are looking for travel ideas in and around Bologna, I will be happy to help!



I am an arts and entertainment graduate with a passion for travel, food, and design. I love my region and I would like to introduce as many people as possible to its the hidden gems.